Perfect Vision with PLASMA Shield®

Plasmatica’s PLASMA Shield® is a revolutionary technology that solves one of the most critical challenges in laparoscopic surgery – maintaining visibility throughout the procedure. PLASMA Shield® ensures perfectly clear, uninterrupted visibility during every laparoscopic surgery by creating a super-hydrophilic activated surface on the scope lens.

Plasmatica PR

Perfectly Clear Visibility

With PLASMA Shield®, any visual obstructions during surgery can be instantly cleared, allowing for continuous visibility without the need to remove the scope and risk patient safety.

Shorter & Safer Surgery

Once a scope has been treated with PLASMA Shield®, the lens surface remains activated throughout the entire procedure without the need to repeat the scope treatment process.

Fog-free Surgery

When liquid particles come in contact with the activated surface of the scope lens, they bond to one another, creating a thin film of clear liquid that keeps the lens wet and eliminates any visibility barriers.

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